Main recipient of the product:

  • Companies directly handling customers such as shops, service points, clinics
  • Research companies supporting companies in determination and optimisation of customer service quality
  • Retail
  • Banks and insurers
  • Medical practices
  • Service outlets
  • Fairs and conferences
  • Others

So easy to get deeper data

Today it is not enough to ask about customer satisfaction. Answer to a question asked in this way does not contribute anything. Today all people dealing with customer service quality aim at obtaining information what is behind such a general statement.

Right survey, precise questions

A key is of course a good survey and appropriately asked questions – we offer assistance of specialists qualified in the area of evaluation!

Example! Let’s check three basic areas

  • Have employees been properly trained in respect of e.g. offer
  • Are they able to explain, e.g. an offer related to a service schedule?
  • Is our offer competitive?
  • How is the offer evaluated?
  • How do customers know about us or our offer?


We collect data from 3, 100 or 1000 outlets. We may see aggregated data at any moment. At any moment, we may compare selected points and check their results against others. Thus we may check local conditions affecting e.g. effectiveness of marketing communication in various channels, plan properly employees’ training e.g. where indicators are not satisfactory and diversify the offer e.g. to make it locally more competitive.