This document (“Terms”) contain the terms under which Atteli Sp. z o.o. provide its services to the clients and describe how these services may be obtained and used. By using the Atteli Sp. z o.o.’s site, applications (including mobile versions) or other available services, you consent to these Terms as w whole and as your agreement with Atteli Sp. z o.o. You indicate your agreement to these Terms (agreement with us) by clicking or tapping on a button indicating your acceptance in a proper document or just by using our services.

This document has been intended for a b2b clients, that means that all Atteli Sp. z o.o.’s products and services are not designed as a consumer products and/or services. If you will be using our services and/or products on behalf of an organization (such as company, foundation etc.), you agree to these Terms on behalf of that organization and you represent that you have the authority to undertake or obligations towards Atteli Sp. z o.o. that are resulting from this Terms.

Trial period

For initial period of 30 (thirty) days, our services and/or products are free of charge. This trial period has no limitation which means that you are enable to examine every service and/or product mentioned in price list as included during trial- in an unlimited way, including any number of a mobile devices connected simultaneously through your panel at panel.mango-metrics.com.

Any organization is entitled only for a single trial period and only after providing a complete, accurate business details through user’s panel (complete registration).

Our Fees.

You agree to pay to Atteli Sp. z o.o. any fees for each service you purchase or use after your trial period, in accordance with the price list and payment terms presented to you in a separate document. Where applicable, you will be billed using the billing method you select through your client’s panel.mango-metrics.com. Fees paid by you are non-refundable, except as provided by law.

Some part of our services are billed on a subscription basis, all of them will be listed and explained in a separate document – a price list, and prior confirmed by you through panel.mango-metrics.com. You will be billed for these services/products in advance on a recurring, periodic basis. Billing cycles are typically monthly or annual, depending on what subscription plan you select when purchasing a subscription through your panel.mango-metrics.com.

Atteli Sp. z o.o. may change all of its fees for the services at any time, provided that, for services billed on a subscription basis, the change will become effective only at the end of the current billing cycle of your subscription. Atteli Sp. z o.o. will provide you with reasonable prior e-mail notice for you to make your decision regarding further subscription (its continuation or ending).

General recommendations.

  • Keep your details accurate, including email address, contact details also for payment purposes and taxation. Violating this clause may cause some actions from tax authorities.
  • You are responsible for safeguarding your password, and you are responsible for any activity occurring in your account. If you become aware of any unauthorized access to your account, you should notify us with no hesitation.
  • Please be aware that beside our services that are available, you and you only are responsible for maintaining backups of your content. We will not be liable for any failure to store your content.
  • We may terminate your account and delete any content on it if there is no account activity for a substantial period of time, even without warning.
  • You warrant that you are validly authorized to represent an existing organization under the laws of your jurisdiction and that you are entitled to bind you to these Terms.
  • You are obliged to use our services in compliance with an applicable law, that means you are not allowed to involve any illegal content.
  • In order to run a survey on your tablet you should ensure that it is having a minimum resolution of  1200×800 pixels, 10’ lcd and its Android version is 5.0 version or newer.

User’s restrictions.

You shall not misuse our services and products by interfering with their normal operation, or attempting to access them using other method than through the user’s panel (panel.mango-metrics.com).

You must not circumvent or attempt to circumvent any limitations resulting from this Terms (such as signing up a new account to conduct a survey after first your trial period on another account).

As our user you will give your best efforts to not upload any viruses, malware, or other types of malicious software, or links to such software, through the services. Furthermore you will not upload any abusive content to the services, and the content that may even potentially infringe any intellectual property right of third parties.

Content uploaded to the applications through client user’s panel. License etc.

In the course of using the services and/or products, you may submit some content to the application in order to prepare the survey’s layout for your end-clients etc. By uploading your content to our applications, you are trusting us to treat it appropriately and you agree that Atteli Sp. z o.o. may use and share your content in accordance with these Terms. Atteli Sp. z o.o. will treat your content as confidential information and only use and disclose it in accordance with Terms (including our Privacy Policy). However, your content is not confidential anymore if such content: (a) is or becomes public (other than through breach of these Terms; (b) was lawfully known/entrusted to us before receiving it from you; (c) is received by us from a third party without knowledge of breach of any obligation; or (d) was independently developed by us without reference to your content. You retain ownership of your content including your intellectual property rights. These Terms do not grant us any licenses or rights to your content except for the limited, free of charge, non-exclusive license needed for us to provide our services to you, for the period necessary to conduct all of them and in the necessary scope.

By accepting these Terms you grant Atteli Sp. z o.o. a worldwide, royalty free license to use, reproduce, distribute, modify, adapt, create derivative works, make publicly available, and otherwise exploit your content, but only for the limited purposes of providing the services to you. This license for these limited purposes continues even after you stop using our services if necessary and according to binding law. This license also extends to any trusted third parties we work with to the extent necessary to provide the services to you.

Our intellectual property

Neither these Terms nor your use of the services and/or products grants you ownership of the services or the content you access through the user’s panel. Terms do not grant you any right to use Atteli Sp. z o.o. trademarks or other brand elements without prior written consent. Our services and/or products may display content provided by you and other companies. Such content is the sole responsibility of the entity that makes it available. Correspondingly, you are responsible for your own content and you must ensure that you have all the rights and permissions needed to use that content in connection with the services and/or our products. Atteli Sp. z o.o. is not responsible for any actions you take with respect to your content, including sharing it publicly. You shall not use content from the services and/or products unless you have first obtained the permission of its owner, or are otherwise authorized by law to do so.

Termination of services.

You cannot terminate a subscription in the middle of a billing cycle. In order to terminate a subscription for particular service, you should send us an email containing such statement, after receiving your termination new subscription period will not be renewed.

On any occasion if you will stop using our services (for any reason), you will not receive any refund for any period of time you did not use them.

If you were not able to use our services because of our fault including some kind of a technical issues and for some specific time period, your subscription will be extended for an equivalent time period.

Atteli Sp. z o.o. is entitled to limit, suspend, or stop providing the services to you if you won’t comply with these Terms (pay fees after trial period etc.) If we suspend or terminate your services we may give you an opportunity to export a copy of your content if it will be possible and won’t cause further violations.

Complaint procedure.

All your complaints shall be reported to/received by a following address: contact@atteli.com.

All complaints about a delivered services are possible within 3 business days from date when a problem occurred.

The complaint should be reported by email.

Our officers will answer to your complaint with no hesitation.

General provisions.

Atteli Sp. z o.o. may change these Terms at any time. Changes will be effective starting from the day when new version has been announced. If you do not want to agree to any changes made to the Terms, you should stop using our service, because otherwise you indicate your consent to be bound updated Terms.

We may add, change and remove some functions from our service and/or products at any time without prior notice at our discretion. If we will discontinue our services, we will give you reasonable advance notice. Please be aware, that we may remove content from any service and/or our product at any time in our sole discretion.

Our services and/or products are provided “as is” and we do not make warranties of any kind. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we will not be liable for any indirect, consequential, special, incidental, damages whatsoever, including damages for lost profits, loss of use, loss of data, arising out of the services and Terms. In every circumstance, our aggregate liability arising out of or in connection with using our services and/or products will not exceed the amount paid by you for use of the services and/or products for your last month.

These Terms are governed by the laws Poland. We both submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Polish courts and only any disputes that may arise between our organizations.

Terms (including price list and Privacy Policy) constitute the entire agreement between you and Atteli Sp. z o.o.

If any provision of these Terms is determined to be unenforceable, that provision will be severed and the rest of these Terms will remain valid and binding.

These Terms has been prepared in Polish and English. In case of any language discrepancies, Polish version shall prevail.