Mango Metrics makes it possible to collect answers to questions in a remote manner, their comparison and analysis. The system assumes a possibility of handling many devices such as tablets and questions asked on these tablets in a diversified and remote manner. Thus it may co-operate with one tablet collecting questionnaires or with many e.g. with a possibility of taking into consideration an organisational or territorial structure of a company.
The system makes it possible to build am organisational structure of equipment and people responsible for e.g. territorial tasks of individual users. It facilitates simultaneous performance of e.g. several surveys in various units. Use of the same questions from a cafeteria questions will enable us to aggregate data (of the answers) globally at simultaneous consideration of local, regional questions

  • Collecting and reporting data regarding customer satisfaction, data regarding marketing actions (e.g. source of acquisition of knowledge on product/event, customers’ preferences), evaluation of employees of an outlet etc.
  • Possibility of monitoring research results in real time, on a current basis, without a necessity to wait for its entering to a system/report
  • Access to online results
  • Attractive graphic design and transparent manner of data presentation, possibility of data export
  • Possibility of creating a survey ion one’s own and its updating as needed (response time)
  • Survey’s panel graphically configured according to a customer’s visual identification
  • Intuition system, thanks to which it is possible to carry out research without assistance of a pollster