It’s 5 simple steps and it will take 5 minutes.

Step 1


Setup an account on

It is easy, just sign up with your email. You will see your Panel, a pleasant garden and metrics:)

Step 2


Grab a spare tablet

In your backyard there are probably plenty of them. Pick one of them which is at least above 10” and Android 5.0 for Android lovers and iPad for gourmet Apple solutions. Both OS blend well with Mango:). Download the Mango Metrics app from the Google Play or AppStore marketplaces. In the Panel, between all the tasty features you will find “add a new device”. Just click on it, give your tablet some lovely name which will later allow your device login to the Panel. Login your tablet to the panel with the given name along with a pin generated for it by the system. The tablet will show a blank page.

Step 3


Upload your logo, background and set the font colours

To personalize your surveys just upload your images to the Panel. If you do not have any dedicated graphics you can even set a plain background choosing one of the 16 million colours available.

Step 4


Prepare a survey and connect it with your tablet

Add and name your survey, then add questions, but keep in mind that less is more. You can add test answers to questions or even graphical ones.

Step 5


Expose your tablet to the public and start to collect essential data

Instruct your staff to kindly encourage customers to take part in the short poll