Surveys displayed on tablets in your point of sale.

Make your company better in terms of quality of service or product. Ask for feedback. Collect and analyse data.

Mango system facilitates remote collection of answers to questions, their comparison and analysis. The system’s assumption is a possibility of handling many devices such as tablets and questions asked on these tablets in a diversified and remote manner. Thus it may co-operate with one tablet collecting questionnaires or with many e.g. with a possibility of taking into consideration an organisational or territorial structure of a company.
The system makes it possible to build am organisational structure of equipment and people responsible for e.g. territorial tasks of individual users. At the same time it facilitates performance of e.g. several surveys in various units. Use of the same questions from a cafeteria questions will enable us to aggregate data (of the answers) globally at simultaneous consideration of local, regional questions.

Main features

The ability to manage questions directly from a central Panel via web browser.

There is no need to touch anything physically on tablet.

The ability to build questionnaires with partly the same questions. I.e. one or two questions are the same in all devices and following questions are dedicated to a place or localisation.

This lets you to measure the same aspects with one, universal question among all locations. It build compatible indicators you can compare one to one, mango to mango.

The ability to build questionnaires build of plain text or graphic.

You are free to choose.

The ability to build an appearance. You can upload your logo, background, choose font colours etc. directly from a panel.

Tablet appearance can be freely adjust to your graphic identity manual or to special event etc.

The ability to control you tablet devices. Its battery status, range of WiFi or LTE, and even GPS coordinates.

Tablets are controlled remotely you can be informed about all malfunctions to you devices even whiteout seeing it.

In Panel you can build a structure that corresponds to the structure of the company. High, middle and line managers can have access to various parts of the system, surveys or questions.

This feature enable to collect i.e. central and local data. If survey is built from a central question managed by a high manager and a local one added by a local manager. All access to data will be restricted according to established rules.

Data collection.

All answers  are stored and saved as long as you wish.

Ability to data drilling

  • Data filtration (by time, place, type of answer)
  • Data grouping (by time, place, type of answer)
  • Reviewing surveys one by one
  • Reviewing surveys hourly

You can analyse collected data in a various way depending on what kind of information you are looking for.
I.e. if you want to check communicativeness of your staff you can view your data hourly to check performance on each shift.
If you want to check differences between branches just simply soft data via devices registered do particular locations.