Technical questions

Do I need a server for this application?

No. Panel for managing Mango system is maintained by Atteli. You need only a tablet on which a survey is displayed.

If your project requires installation on your own server we are open to talk about it.

On what tablet will the application operate?

iPad – all

Android – it is only required from a tablet to have a resolution over 1200×800, 10-inch or bigger for convenience of your customers and legibility. Android min 5.0.

A tablet must be in on-line mode via Wi-Fi or mobile network.

How many surveys I can create on one tablet?

The system permits creation of any number of surveys and questions. Obviously, only one survey may be displayed at the same time. Questions and surveys used in a device are managed remotely from Mango Panel. You do not need to stay near your device to manage it.

I have several locations; I can’t physically supervise a tablet!

That’s not a problem. At present, questions and surveys used in a device are managed remotely from Mango Panel. So you do not even need to stay near your device to manage it. Moreover Panel will tell you everything about the condition of a device, if it is online, charged etc.

We are an event company, we collect data for customers, do we need a licence for each customer?

No. If the events are not held at the same time, for each of them you will prepare one survey which will be connected to one device. Other survey, other customers, will wait e.g. for re-connecting to the device.

Is there a dedicated version?

It is also possible to prepare a version solely and exclusively for use of a customer. Both the management panel and the application may be freely modified according to a customer’s needs. Cost of such a service is each time evaluated separately, depending on the needs.

Business questions

Ok, I will appraise my employees, what will t give me?

A key to success is knowledge obtained appropriately quickly. If you follow relevant indicators of quality or others you will be able to notice their fluctuations or co-relation with e.g. a new personnel, a specific change etc. It will be a significant indicator that maybe it is necessary to carry out training. After some time, you will have feedback is the training was effective.

Here it will not work. Customers do not value service, but offer only.

Great. That is a very apt observation. Mango is not an application for evaluation of quality, but only and exclusively of people. We recommend our customers to build surveys in such a way as to check an offer too.

Question may check an opinion about an offer e.g. against the competition. They may indicate its disadvantages and advantages. Such knowledge is invaluable when later we build communication and we may emphasise our positive and unquestionable features.

My offer and actions are changeable; I cannot evaluate anything in a short-term horizon as the results will not be reliable.

Fully agreed. Therefore you should have more general questions which may be linked with short-term questions e.g. where customers get information about the offer, where we exchange sources of knowledge so our carriers of advertising, and quality questions remain unchanged. This will give you a full image of evaluation by a customer.

At events we do not evaluate quality or service. It’s not for us.

Just the opposite. The biggest cost of promotional event is its advertising. As the saying goes 50% of marketing expenses are senseless and it’s Mango Metrics that will enable you to find out which 50%. Ask your customers how they learned about the event and next time do not lose money on senseless communication.


Mango applications delivered to customers in a subscription model. Thanks to it a customer does not incur costs and effort related to preparation and maintenance of servers, application updates etc. Panel for the system management is in the server manager by Atteli. In this model of co-operation a customer becomes a direct and immediate beneficiary of development of all new functions of the application as each upgrade and new function is available for a customer immediately. It is a flexible solution as it does not require a long-term agreement or a determined number of tablets needed for an organisation or purchase of a licence in advance. Therefore a customer does not have a problem of an excess of licences and incurring costs for devices which do not operate.

What does a customer of the company Atteli buying a Mango licence receive?

A customer receives access to the Panel via a web browser dedicated for oneself and his/her surveys and an application for portable devices, which is installed on one’s own device.

From our experience and conversations it seems that customers prefer acting on their own tablets, as they are usually entered to books and manager by IT departments. A company’s IT prefers to service their equipment on their own. Therefore Atteli focuses on software, administration panel and its highest quality.