Shorten ’Time to market‘ to the minimum! From an idea to verification in a place of service or sale through on-line access to data and analyses.

More effective!

Plan effectively checking actions which bring effect. Eliminate ineffective tools and save your budget.

More accurate!

Check communicativeness of a personnel or an offer. Invest in areas indicated as the ones demanding improvement. Monitor the level of areas evaluated positively.

Mango Metrics is the system (tablet application and management panel) facilitating collection and reporting data regarding customer satisfaction and monitoring opinions and other feedback-related data.

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Mango system facilitates remote collection of answers to questions, their comparison and analysis. The system’s assumption is a possibility of handling many devices such as tablets and questions asked on these tablets in a diversified and remote manner. Thus it may co-operate with one tablet collecting questionnaires or with many e.g. with a possibility of taking into consideration an organisational or territorial structure of a company.

The system makes it possible to build an organisational structure of equipment and people responsible for e.g. territorial tasks of individual users. At the same time it facilitates performance of e.g. several surveys in various units. Use of the same questions from a cafeteria questions will enable us to aggregate data (of the answers) globally at simultaneous consideration of local, regional questions.

Main recipient of the product

  • Marketers
  • Guards of Quality
  • Satisfaction researchers


Main features

  • Data collection
    Data analysis


Main benefits

  • Various constantly current indicators
  • Continuous operation of the system
  • Remote management of questions including change of questions